Managing Corporate Moves

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Managing Corporate Moves

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The three most important reasons for managing a move are to manage the schedule, control the cost, and cause minimum disruption to the employees. Whether the moves are part of ongoing day-to-day organizational changes, a restack of an entire building, or a move from one building to another these three goals should always be considered.

Coordinating a successful move is essentially applying good project management skills. This 340+ pages book provides complete coverage of all aspects required for successfully organizing a move. A variety of practical tools and checklists are included.

Program materials cover the following key topical areas:
- Importance and impact of moves
- Types of moves and parameters
- Managing moves and project management
- Detailed plan of approach to managing moves
- Building the move team
- Existing and future situation
- Space requirements
- Move schedule and budget
- Move planning aspects
- Move bid packages
- Engaging a move company
- Team meetings
- Move implementation
- Communication
- Cost accounting
- Detailed checklists

Self-test section(s) included.

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ISBN: 978-1-897419-15-1
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