Customer Service Strategies in Facility Management

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Customer Service Strategies in Facility Management

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This resource is designed for facility management professionals who recognize that success of any business depends on the satisfaction of its customers. The book provides the links between customer identification, service delivery, and alignment of expectations. Customer Service Strategies in Facility Management helps you establish and manage organizational image and customer perception.

Facility Management professionals are realizing two key trends, the ever changing evolution of the profession, and the interdependency of service delivery methods and customer satisfaction. What makes an organization successful? In this 270+ pages resource we discuss various ideas related to customer categories, performance measurement criteria, alignment of expectations, service delivery management, and customer feedback. We look at designing a success strategy as opposed to simply avoiding failure when it comes to your customers.

Resource materials cover the following key topical areas:
- Quality of product versus quality of service
- The concept of quality customer service
- Designing a success strategy to customer service
- Scope of empowerment
- Opportunities for being proactive with customers
- Effective communication
- Saying no
- Service recovery
- Dealing with special cases
- It's all about attitude
- The customer service team
- The future of the customer service professional

Self-test section(s) included.

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ISBN: 978-1-897419-51-9
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