Benchmarking and Best Practices in  Facility Management

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Learn about the benchmarking process and ways for improving operations through the identification and adoption of best practices.

Benchmarking and Best Practices in Facility Management

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The Benchmarking Guidebook will be of keen interest to all practitioners who wish to expand their understanding of the benchmarking and best practice processes and who wish to learn about ways for measuring and improving performance of FM operations. You will find the high level listing of best practices particularly useful. These practices have been collected through benchmarking studies, discussions with FM organizations, and research. Applicable to all sectors of the facility management industry, this 230+ pages resource is a welcome addition to any FMers toolkit.

Resource materials cover the following key topical areas:

- Benchmarking, practical issues
- Types of benchmarking
- The benchmarking process detailed
- Success factors and things to avoid
- Benchmarking to improve FM performance
- Types of data to collect and analyze (samples)
- Best practices overview
- Are you ready?
- Common questions
- Samples documents and exercises


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ISBN:    978-1-897419-00-7
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